First Class Amenity Bag

  • Escada Lufthansa First Class airline amenity kit designer bag
  • buzz - ESCADA - Luxury Collaboration With Lufthansa

For the first time ever on-board, ESCADA has taken to the skies with renowned German airline Lufthansa in a stylish First Class amenity bag designed by Buzz.

The luxury brand has made its on-board debut with prestigious male and female amenity kits. Both brands are synonymous with a strong German heritage, Lufthansa has partnered with ESCADA to deliver an unsurpassed, premium in-flight experience featuring skincare from La Mer.

Buzz developed the bag design with functionality in mind, the kits doubling as a clutch or document wallet in addition to a tech case.

“Given the growing demand for technology on-board and with consumers bringing their own entertainment with them for the flight, we wanted to design a case that could be reused as a stylish carrier for a broad range of personal and tech items," said Alex Brooke, Buzz's lead designer for the ESCADA amenity range for Lufthansa.

“We've identified the emergence of modern leather trends and have incorporated this into our designs. Opting for a sophisticated palette, the neutral brown and tan hues were the perfect balance between Lufthansa's corporate palette and the ESCADA look and feel," said Brooke.

The coveted new amenity offer is currently available on Lufthansa's long-haul First Class flights.